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Beta Launch

The way we work – an easy explanation

  • Artists can sell shares of their songs as a token to their fans
  • Beeing part of this exclusive community may grand you exclusive access to special events or whatever is on the artists mind.
  • Fans who are invested are eager to advertise for the artist –
    for example to their friends
  • By getting more streams on their songs, the popularity of the artists increases and the wealth of all parts rises!

We are FREE!

Our product is completly free to use – for fans and artists!
Just a classic account creation and you can start!

Advertising is everything!

The more listeners an artist gets, the higher is the active and passive income of each party.

Be a part of a exclusive community

With you and other fans, a special community is build up that could you lead to exclusive content.

Everything is in your own hands!

You decide!

As an artist, you decide how many shares there are and how much they cost.
Be smart and know your value!

Choose the design!

Whether album cover or an exclusive picture for each share, you decide what your fans see.

Always have the overview!

Know how much of each song is available and get to know about new artists!
Uncomplicated buying shares of a song, ep, or an entire album.

Why use MIXEN?

Compared to other platforms, we offer the most freedom – and will continue to do so!
We want every artist to make a living out of their passion and make it as easy as possible for them!